— Step 1

The Brief & Research


Every project begins with a brief, a problem, or a need. It’s my job to try sift through the information and come up with a beautiful, smart solution. 

This includes:

  1. Researching the client

  2. Understanding the problem at hand and brainstorming creative solutions

  3. Familiarizing with the competition and industry

  4. Documenting and clarifying further questions from the client

  5. Establishing the processes and deliverables



— Step 2 

Sketching & mood boards 


I begin every design project with pen and paper. These are quick thoughts, nuggets of an idea, and adjectives to keep in mind while designing. Once I sketch down some of my initial ideas I look to the internet, books, and the physical world for inspiration related to the task at hand.

This step includes:

  1. Iterative sketching

  2. Concept development

  3. Mind mapping

  4. Adjective lists

  5. Matrices 

  6. Visual Inspiration / Mood boards

  7. Digital sketching

  8. Typeface research



— Step 3

Design & Iterate


Now we begin designing digitally. Whether it’s a logo, website, brochure, or brand identity this is the step when ideas are mocked up, designed and iterated.



— Step 4



After a few initial concepts of design have been created, it’s time to critique! This can be with creative directors, designers, or with the client. 



— Step 5



Once the project and the deliverables have been polished, the project will be shown and presented to the client.