The Problem

Currently, there isn’t a way to effectively and efficiently track flight time, trip schedule, and logbook info for pilots. Currently pilots are having to traverese three different apps to keep track of flight time, get flight information, and scheduling.   

A pilot could benefit greatly if he/she had a way that could quickly tell them their schedule, have access to important flight information, and then be able to 
quckily log and see their current flight hours, so they won’t fly over the limited amount of hours per day, per week, per month, and per year. 

If a pilot flies over their hours limit, they can be fined or have their license suspended. So, to keep this from happening we needed to create a simpler way for pilots to access this information. 


The Solution

Introducing U-View by United

The only app that combines trip information, a calendar, and logbook all in one—giving pilots the most useful information in a single place.

CLASS || Interaction Design 2
PROFESSOR || Clinton Carlson
DATE || Spring 2014